New Offerings!

Salem Silhouette Witch

This is my newest Halloween/Fall design…a primitive Salem Silhouette Witch.  Her head and bust have been made from solid blackened wax and mounted on a wooden base. She wears a black print dress with a brown stripe apron. Her apron pockets are filled with special twigs for potions…she carries a wax jol to light her way and her trusty owl broom in the other. She is self standing and displays well. She stands 18” high to the tip of  her hat. SOLD 

Bushy Tail Squirrel 

These adorable little Squirrels have been handmade using gray or brown felt and adorned with a bushy tail. They carry a dried acorn and have a hanger on the back for attaching to wreaths, trees or anywhere a squirrel might hang out! They each measure 6” tall. Price: $20.00 each + shipping.

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