New Offerings!

Heart Bee Skep

Brand new Bee Skep for 2021...Measures 5-1/2" x 5-1/2". Price: $24+ shipping. 

Valentine Bear  

This sweet brown bear has been made from blackened wax using an antique mold.  He measures 5" tall and carries a little heart!  Price: $10.00 ea.

Brown Rabbit

I have made these sweet brown Rabbits from solid wax using an antique mold. They have been rubbed with spices and adorned  with a cute little carrot! He measures 8" high.   Price: $18 + shipping.

Spring Eggs & Chicks 

A Spring favorite are these wax chicks and eggs! They have been made from blackened wax and painted in muted spring tones. The eggs measure 3" long and come in a set of 3 (1 antique white, 1 robins eggs blue and 1spice brown) The little chicks measure 2-1/2" and are self standing.  

Price: Eggs set/3 $12 

Price: Set of 2 Chicks $8

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